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We need Ministers with experience

Its very telling that our needs as a nation as a whole are treated as insignificant by most Governments compared to the concerns of the well paid bankers and other power brokers in the city of London. This Government like … Continue reading

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All three MPs should speak out

The following blog appears in todays Argus: Its always a challenge when social media goes into meltdown not to feel obliged to take sides. The various Executive Orders signed by Donald Trump since he took office show he really is … Continue reading

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sugar coated ignorance

The campaign by Jamie Oliver to persuade the Government to impose a sugar tax in the light of the long delayed report by Public Health England, “Sugar reduction: the evidence for action” coincides with a campaign here in Brighton & Hove to reduce … Continue reading

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Cost vs Value

Few Sussex MPs make themselves as accessible on social media as MP for Crawley, Henry Smith. For this he deserves every bit of the commendation that Brian May paid him prior to the last election. However inevitably this also means he posts things that … Continue reading

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A revealing exchange

  On Monday afternoon two well educated and well paid men had a conversation amongst their peers in a place of great scrutiny, but due to the difficulty in observing all such conversations, this one could so easily have been missed. … Continue reading

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The problem with our trains

It appears that the Government don’t believe their own data on railways. We are all anticipating the conclusion of the proposals for an acceptable route for HS2 and George Osborne has raised the idea of HS3 which may in time … Continue reading

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Funding rules again

On Thursday I wrote about a question posed by Henry Smith MP for Crawley. He asked if the Labour Party should declare corporate donations from AstraZeneca before debating the proposed takeover of the company by Pfizer in the House of Commons. The … Continue reading

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