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We need politicians who understand history

I confess I was confused regarding the venue for Theresa May’s speech until I read the transcript, and then I became even more confused. She began: It’s good to be here in this great city of Florence today at a critical … Continue reading

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A place of disconnected concepts

It appears that in the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the debate around public sector pay which appears to have centered around the words and views of Philip Hammond is some distance away from the thinking behind the Queens speech which … Continue reading

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The wisdom of Stephen Kelly

As Theresa May relaxes after making her speech about how independent the UK will become under her Premiership, she and Philip Hammond will be enjoying fine wines and food as one of the many participants in the annual World Economic … Continue reading

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The Government must do better

Although the Government has backed down from forcing all Schools to become Academies, it has still to deliver on its previous ruling that all ‘failing’ schools should become academies. According to a recent study, there are at least 26 Schools … Continue reading

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The challenge for small businesses

Its rather dispiriting when men and women who are supposedly advocates of business and its capacity to employ people and make profits which in turn creates taxes that fund the economy, seem to have forgotten what their role is. On … Continue reading

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We never were in it together

After seven years of lies, the 45 year old MP for Tatton has finally come clean and admitted to the Bloomberg in a TV interview “We need to offset the very necessary loose monetary policy, and the distributional consequences that is … Continue reading

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Where is the strategy?

The vote by our democratic and accountable House of Commons on 2nd December to start dropping bombs on Syria was passed, in part because the Government conceded that a strategy for the action was needed, but the bombing was a … Continue reading

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