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One of my MEP’s is missing!

The news that the President of The US invited one of my MEPs to dinner following his visit to the Whitehouse at the weekend was widely publicised by Mr Farage using this photo on social media and quickly picked up … Continue reading

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Between a rock and a soft place

In the last few days the Executive Orders emanating from the White House and their chaotic nature have taken many of those I know who voiced support for Donald Trump by surprise and caused them to rephrase their support. However … Continue reading

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We need local debates to shape Brexit

On Friday the Argus newspaper carried the following piece written by me as their Opinion Piece on the idea that if we are to get the best deal from leaving the EU we need local debates that cross the Leave/Remain … Continue reading

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Why do Politicians spoil Christmas?

Last Christmas I posted a blog about the seasonal message from David Cameron as Prime Minister. As I pointed out there was little wrong with the message itself, however coming from a man who had overseen five years of the … Continue reading

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The pipers who play their own tunes

From April 2017 all businesses will be assessed to see if their wage bill is high enough to pay a new form of tax called the apprenticeship levy. This will only become payable if the wage bill exceeds £3M or … Continue reading

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The world of diplomacy

Its fascinating to see that Donald Trump who is not yet President of the USA and so has so far only a modest grasp of his forthcoming role in the most powerful nation in the world until mid January 2021 … Continue reading

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The signs of political decay

As we begin to come to terms with a new American President and the U turn in our 40 year old journey alongside our European neighbours, these changes seem to be occurring against a background of mission creep in our … Continue reading

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