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Most Sussex MPs are not concerned about the NHS or improving our transport provision!

Last week in Parliament two themes emerged that also led to votes which help us as local residents and potential voters for local MPs to understand what position our representatives have taken. The first took place last Tuesday on the … Continue reading

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I have finally broken through the blood ceiling

My first donation occurred when I was 16 and I gave several arms worth in the subsequent years and then for several decades I failed to make any contributions at all but I am thrilled that at long last I … Continue reading

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How prescriptions can so easily go wrong

A few days ago I had the pleasure of visiting a close relative who is in their mid 80’s and whilst still quite mobile, the person concerned has no transport available apart from a bus pass. They have a number … Continue reading

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Defending Brexit by attacking the truth?

As we all seek to make sense of the impact of Brexit the men and women who are well paid as our MEPs are in a crucial position try to assist their constituents and the rest of society to ensure … Continue reading

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What to do with £140m of public money

The way in which we spend public money or rather how it is spent on our behalf varies wildly depending on ones point of view. This weekend Boris Johnson has written a piece in the Telegraph, once again promoting the … Continue reading

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Lets honour those who work for us

The following piece was published in yesterdays Argus Newspaper, it relates to the suggestion that we dedicate one of our bank holidays to honour the work of people who work in the public sector: In recent days, the work and demands … Continue reading

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A nation in desperate need of change

This morning there are reports from various sources of how many vacancies or impending vacancies exist in the NHS and our state run educational service. The high levels of vacancies for Nurses estimated at some 40,000 or 11% of the … Continue reading

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