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[not a] Parliamentary scam or Government incompetence

Following correspondence by the director of the Parliamentary Review I have made some changes to this following blog at his request: Small businesses like the one I work for receive hundreds of items of postal and email correspondence every week … Continue reading

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The straw that breaks the Brexiteers back

Watching Michael Gove speak on Channel 4 news about banning the use of plastic straws, he seems to completely undermine his own logic in his arguments over polluting our seas. His argument is that banning plastic straws is not possible … Continue reading

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How do we measure pomposity?

It is not difficult to find tweets or other statements that display how many of the so called leaders of our nation lack credibility if one was trying to call them statesmen or stateswomen. The previously posted offensive tweets that … Continue reading

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A Government job creation scheme

When the Conservatives came to power they prided themselves on reducing the head count in the Government and in the public sector more widely. At the Conservative Party Conference in October 2009 David Cameron stated “We will have to tear down Labour’s … Continue reading

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Is Gove set to be our next Prime Minister?

I must has spent too long in the sun yesterday, these are the thoughts I came up with after a question from a friend regarding where the Tory Party is trying to take us. The return of Michael Gove to … Continue reading

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We need local debates to shape Brexit

On Friday the Argus newspaper carried the following piece written by me as their Opinion Piece on the idea that if we are to get the best deal from leaving the EU we need local debates that cross the Leave/Remain … Continue reading

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The Government must do better

Although the Government has backed down from forcing all Schools to become Academies, it has still to deliver on its previous ruling that all ‘failing’ schools should become academies. According to a recent study, there are at least 26 Schools … Continue reading

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