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Brighton & Hove Council need to do better

A few days ago I received an invitation to respond to a consultation on a cultural framework for the city. The email related to a consultation which was scheduled to take two weeks. This seems a rather short period for … Continue reading

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Lets honour those who work for us

The following piece was published in yesterdays Argus Newspaper, it relates to the suggestion that we dedicate one of our bank holidays to honour the work of people who work in the public sector: In recent days, the work and demands … Continue reading

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Vital Visitors

Most of us experience the vital work of local government on almost a daily basis. We may not always appreciate how important these services are and occasionally may resent the cost of this vital provision or find fault with the … Continue reading

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Council funding

The announcement from the coalition yesterday regarding the annual financial settlement for Local Government is the last that they will make. It also has the potential to be changed in the middle of the year, once the new Government has been elected … Continue reading

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A state of constant denial

The reaction by George Osborne to comments made following his Autumn statement would shame most of us if we attempted something similar in our own workplaces over much more trivial matters. Most of us occasionally misspeak or misrepresent things a little. … Continue reading

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The problem with migration

We live in a mobile culture, always have and probably always will. In the days before Supermarkets migrated food to our neighbourhood, some of us would migrate to find the food which we found most palatable. The need to work and feed … Continue reading

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Sound of Silence?

The comment by Martin Niemöller regarding the way in which the Third Reich gradually removed from society all of those who they disliked and who were opposed to them is far too serious to use in a superficial way, but there … Continue reading

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