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We need honesty from Brexiteers

The news this week emerging from a 14 page document published by David Davis under the title “Future Customs Arrangements” is that there are two options under consideration for our departure from the EU and the transition period and despite … Continue reading

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Training people in low skills is needed?

In an interview on Monday night’s newsnight, Iain Duncan Smith explains what sort of barriers to immigration he believes that the Government will impose post Brexit. He was interviewed by Emily Maitlis who carefully asked who would be let in. … Continue reading

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Lets end the pretence

The uncivil war in the Conservative Party is not about one man and his decision to resign, but rather about the extent to which loyalty to a political party has broken ranks with the need to be open and honest … Continue reading

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A new form of interview?

After watching Iain Duncan Smith on this mornings Marr show bearing in mind the focus was on a national referendum, it became clear that we need a new form of public discourse. He made a number of dishonest and misleading statements in … Continue reading

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Democracy is too precious

This week a number of issues have arisen at the same time which all point to how tawdry the political parties have made our democracy. The challenge here in the UK is of course a pale reflection of the distressing … Continue reading

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British Values – but not as we know them

Speaking on Any Questions on Friday night Michael Morpurgo confessed to not knowing what British Values are despite being 71. Sadly for Michael, the opportunities for finding out about these values in the UK are tailored towards the young and … Continue reading

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Everyone counts

Together we seem pretty bad at caring for a small number of vulnerable people and those with needs that are not the experience of most of us. Few of us are ever likely to end up in a police cell … Continue reading

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