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Hey Rosie, Henry Smith might pay some attention but Jacob R-M clearly will not do so!

On Thursday 13th February the MP for Crawley was asking a question regarding how to find more about the current arrangements for the M23. This is of course a matter that many of us would be interested to hear about. … Continue reading

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Government is Stocktaking Motorways and wants to "continue to engage with businesses"!

As the new British Parliamentary Cabinet seeks to set out how our nation will go over this year and beyond as we leave the European Union it would appear that the context into which they need to focus is also … Continue reading

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A very busy legislative process – that achieved nothing so far

Yesterday afternoon at precisely 4.16pm a total of 58 private members bills were submitted by a relatively small group of people. As we can see the Speaker was not very impressed by the approach. Just to put these 58 Bills … Continue reading

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Today the credibility of a 'One Nation' Political Party will be tested

As the House of Commons is given the opportunity to revisit a series of amendments to the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill there will now be a chance for our MPs to review and reconsider their previous decisions. There are … Continue reading

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Sussex Residents have every reason to be very angry with their MPs

Its understandable that the Sussex MPs who are members of the Conservative Party have voted in opposition to many of the amendments for the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill. However several of these should have raised concerns amongst the MPs … Continue reading

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The law was broken – Is an apology really sufficient?

If a retailer or publican sold alcohol or cigarettes to people under the legal age would their offer to apologise be considered acceptable? As another comparison would a business that sells weapons be allowed to apologise for selling them to … Continue reading

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Tories are playing games with police funding or they are incoherent

The need to supply large sums of funds to enable police forces to recover some or all of their losses based on the last 9 years is clear to anyone who spends time talking to senior officers or reading the … Continue reading

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