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The law was broken – Is an apology really sufficient?

If a retailer or publican sold alcohol or cigarettes to people under the legal age would their offer to apologise be considered acceptable? As another comparison would a business that sells weapons be allowed to apologise for selling them to … Continue reading

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Tories are playing games with police funding or they are incoherent

The need to supply large sums of funds to enable police forces to recover some or all of their losses based on the last 9 years is clear to anyone who spends time talking to senior officers or reading the … Continue reading

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MP’s like Henry Smith need inviting to a more diverse range of youth groups

When I was 8 long before the Scout network started the Beaver concept, I joined the 12th Crosby and 172nd Liverpool pack of cubs and I was a very enthusiastic cub, even rising to the rank of sixer. At the … Continue reading

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Lets eat the cake and then ask for it to be supplied

The idea that our departure from the EU will have an impact on flights to Europe is a matter that has been discussed on many occasions and given that Henry is a supporter of Boris who has promised we will … Continue reading

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15 years late the ‘key’ Tory MEP asks a valid question

Daniel Hannan has been the Tory MEP for South East England for 241 months during which time of 240 months he was one of a number of MEPs and even spoke very boldly about how he needn’t bother campaigning as … Continue reading

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Sussex MPs must respond to their angry constituents

In the muddle and chaos currently taking place in the House of Commons, mostly caused by Politicians but added to by people removing their clothes and water leaks it is sometimes difficult to find elements worthy of endorsement. However just … Continue reading

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Do Crawley constituents want to be a pilot for voter ID

According to the Crawley MP, Henry Smith speaking on 13th March “My constituents rightly care about the security of their ballots. May I ask for Crawley to be considered for a future voter ID pilot?” Now I am sure that all … Continue reading

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