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We must stand together

The decision by George Osborne and Nicky Morgan to require all Schools to become academies by 2022 is deeply flawed and anti-democratic and like many others I believe should be firmly resisted. However whatever happens politically by 2022, it is … Continue reading

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Make up your mind Norman

To find arguments and frustrations about the dreadful lobbying Bill which the coalition introduced just over a year ago, you might do worse than search for references on this blog. However with 42 blogs written on the topic to date … Continue reading

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Lets ignore all we know

It takes a brave person to buck a trend, and when the issue under debate is the behaviour of a group of people, persuading enough of them to act differently and hold their nerve as they go against all of … Continue reading

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Command and Control Politics

This morning on BBC Radio4 Today Jeremy Hunt spoke in calm but bold terms about the changes that a Conservative Government would bring about in the NHS. He entirely ignored the point about previous broken promises and refused to be drawn … Continue reading

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Similarities between Business and Politics?

Many businesses operate on a model which focuses on an existing market and then attempts to win customers from competitors, cutting costs and improving the sales pitch when compared to the existing businesses, but essentially selling the same thing to … Continue reading

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Wind Power ‘more resilient than fossil fuels’

As we approach the General Election we are faced with choices on a number of different fronts all at once. This is the point at which we are sold the biggest lie in our democracy. Every 5 years politicians bundle … Continue reading

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Lets vote for a change

The need for change in our political landscape appears to be reflected in so many recent events. The tantalisingly close Independence referendum in Scotland in 2014. The substantial level of electoral success by Independent Police and Crime Commissioners in 2012. The … Continue reading

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The cold call

Last night sitting at home, the phone rang and at the other end was a polling organisation, wanting my opinion on who I would vote for in the forthcoming General Election. The first question should have given me the hint … Continue reading

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Green behind their ears?

It appears that the BBC, that lumbering ancient British institution has finally bowed to license fee payers pressure over the forthcoming leaders debates and will hold a consultation on the make-up of the 3 events. Quite why this has taken … Continue reading

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naive or dishonest?

On Sunday I wrote about the rather short sighted attitude being displayed by Liz Truss MP regarding what she was claiming was a conflict between solar farms and food production. Clearly both types of farming are vital if we are to feed … Continue reading

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