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The Politics of who met who

The papers are in uproar, because Miliband has openly met with Brand. This is apparently evidence that Miliband is unfit to be our next Prime Minister. What we don’t know is how many wealthy donors, trade unionists, industrialists or newspaper moguls have … Continue reading

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A need for some rights

Its much easier to find fault than it is to find solutions – sadly if as it is reported, Ed Miliband will criticising the Prime Minister for mistakes made following the Libyan intervention in the context of the current Mediterranean migrant … Continue reading

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Couldn’t organise a debate in a TV studio

David Cameron and Ed Miliband have both claimed that our next Prime Minister will be chosen from a short list of 2 and theirs are the only names on this list. For months these two men and several other party … Continue reading

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No idea?

The election campaign is providing all sorts of evidence of how ill suited our major political parties are to running our Government on our behalf. Yesterday the Labour Party showed its willingness to bow to the pressure from the Conservative … Continue reading

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Its the Environment stupid

In a recent joint statement signed on Valentines Day, David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg confirmed that they recognise that climate change is one of the most serious threats facing the world. The three men said that climate change threatens not just … Continue reading

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We are entitled to decide

The unedifying response by a man who is supposed to be running the Government, to a challenge on second jobs is yet more evidence that he sees his role to defend his colleagues and their lifestyles, and frankly is not concerned … Continue reading

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Its time to settle up

With less than 100 days till the General Election and our only two main parties promising us austerity measures that will drain any colour left in the cheeks of our public services for the whole of the next Parliament, whilst at the same time … Continue reading

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