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Three powerful Ministers speaking nonsense

Over the last few days there have been a series of concerning statements from several senior Government Ministers that relate to our departure from the European Union. They have emerged at the same time as Donald Trump was broadcast getting … Continue reading

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Collusion – is not illegal?

The news that something which is clearly not morally acceptable may not be illegal according to the lawyer for the President of the USA raises several matters. How much collusion went on whilst he was Mayor of New York from … Continue reading

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A short list of very limited priorities

In the light of the NATO summit which Trump and May have just attended it is perhaps understandable that they are going to extend the focus of that event on the Armed Forces by spending time visiting a secret place … Continue reading

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Democratic Accountability is in short supply

This appears in my column in todays Argus was written before the resignations of Davis, Baker and Braverman from the Cabinet. Their departure along with the need for McVey and Grayling to go and the prospect of Johnson leaving must … Continue reading

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Tebbit prepares the ground for protests against Trump

It was hardly a shock when Norman Tebbit decided to use his privilege as a member of the House of Lords to ask a question about the recent protest against the way in which the Government has handled the outcome … Continue reading

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Let’s redouble our efforts to care for all children

As Donald Trump through his UN ambassador withdraws the USA from the United Nation Human Rights Council claiming the agency is a “protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias” and images circulate around the world of … Continue reading

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“I would rather the people embrace one another than spat in one another’s face”

Yesterday David Attenborough turned 92 and I came across this interview a few days earlier which was published in the Independent in September in which he discussed the decision by the UK to leave the EU. One of his statements … Continue reading

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