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A man living in fantasy land

On Thursday Simon Kirby, MP for Brighton Kemptown wrote the daily opinion piece in The Argus newspaper. It was entitled ‘We must reunite behind the country after the Brexit vote’ and in the piece he goes on to say “Whilst I … Continue reading

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Upper Chamber & Election expenses

It is disturbing that our democracy is being treated so malevolently by men and women who claim to be leading our nation. The truth is that all of our largest political parties are deeply corrupt and it is time their … Continue reading

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A twisted form of fairness

Richard Harrington MP entered Parliament in his early 50’s in 2010 winning Watford from the Labour incumbent. Richard had spent many years involved in politics as a secondary interest to his work primarily in Property development. His interest in politics … Continue reading

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Why do Politicians spoil Christmas?

Last Christmas I posted a blog about the seasonal message from David Cameron as Prime Minister. As I pointed out there was little wrong with the message itself, however coming from a man who had overseen five years of the … Continue reading

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The value of an apology

The twitter and media storm that erupted around Lily Allen and her visit to the jungle camp, and her apology to a teenage boy from Afghanistan is something that shows the best and worst of our nation. Clearly no one, … Continue reading

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Same tune, different dancer?

A year ago I wrote about the work of an acquaintance of mine, Colin Bloom who had just been appointed as Director of Outreach by the Conservative Party. He was speaking at a round table fringe event at the Conservative party … Continue reading

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We never were in it together

After seven years of lies, the 45 year old MP for Tatton has finally come clean and admitted to the Bloomberg in a TV interview “We need to offset the very necessary loose monetary policy, and the distributional consequences that is … Continue reading

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