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We need a diagram too

This diagram, based on American data tells a very important story. The deep green bars are the full life cycle cost of electricity generation. It shows that gas (first column) and coal costs will remain constant but that wind and solar … Continue reading

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Who moved the goal posts?

Charities are an ancient form of organisational governance, that were formed long before the modern form of Government in which all of us are entitled to vote, and the predate the welfare state by several centuries. Some of us have … Continue reading

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Out of touch

I have written several blogs about the decision by the coalition Government to gag charities in the period prior to General Elections through the Lobbying Act. I have spoken to others involved in the charitable sector whose concerns echo my own and perhaps unsurprisingly a number … Continue reading

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Challenging words

According to Twitter, Liam Fox has written a piece for todays Sun newspaper. I have not seen the full article and the image above does not provide the complete text, however it seems sufficient to give a flavour of what the … Continue reading

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The failure of the SYPCC election

Today the electors of South Yorkshire will discover who their new Police and Crime Commissioner will be. They will discover which man will replace the disgraced Shaun Wright, the Labour PCC who refused for months to take any responsibility for a … Continue reading

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Sound of Silence?

The comment by Martin Niemöller regarding the way in which the Third Reich gradually removed from society all of those who they disliked and who were opposed to them is far too serious to use in a superficial way, but there … Continue reading

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Stop the tit for tat arguments

This weekend I participated in the briefest of twitter dialogues with a few Labour supporters in my constituency. Their line was that only Labour was opposed to the coalition and so it was vital to vote Labour at the General Election. I … Continue reading

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