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The British Political system is viewed by many as the Mother of all Parliaments. This Grand old lady is also unsteady on her feet and the electorate have considered putting her in a home. We need to find new ways of doing Democracy in England to counter-balance the reforms in the other parts of the UK

Brighton and Hove has benefited from a range of political parties

Anyone interested in politics in the UK will be aware that tomorrow is stage 2 of the Tory Party leadership contest and tragically the loss of the first three candidates means that the remaining seven are all male. Although Esther … Continue reading

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The penny that finally dropped after 1085 days

It seems like good news that on 14th June this year, Liam Fox finally grasped that WTO terms for our nation outside of the EU would be a terrible mistake. He has stated this in slightly less precise terminology, presumably … Continue reading

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Unicorn, mirage and placebo democracy

Its a challenge to read about a Parliamentary debate which raises concerns about referenda and their role in democracy when that debate is taking place in the House of Lords which has so many of its own problems when it … Continue reading

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Unsustainable Development Debate

On Tuesday in the House of Commons Rory Stewart, currently the International Development Secretary commenced a debate on Sustainable Development Goals which covered a huge amount of themes and it was clearly a vital discussion. However at the end the … Continue reading

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Government accepts criticism from next PM but not from other people!

The level of criticism directed at the Government by a number of the candidates campaigning to become leaders of the Government is not modest. Indeed some of the MPs who wish to lead the Tory Party or who support candidates … Continue reading

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A cloud cuckoo Government Department (Home Office)

On Monday the Labour MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, Rushanara Ali asked the Home Secretary “What steps he is taking to tackle the rising level of knife crime” Because Sajid Javid was too busy campaigning to become the next … Continue reading

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Telegraph journalists need to experience the real world

Our Government claimed almost a year ago that austerity had ended, even though the cuts to police, education, NHS, low income benefits and local government are still impacting the deepest bones of our society. However if suddenly the Government discovered … Continue reading

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