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The British Political system is viewed by many as the Mother of all Parliaments. This Grand old lady is also unsteady on her feet and the electorate have considered putting her in a home. We need to find new ways of doing Democracy in England to counter-balance the reforms in the other parts of the UK

Solving knife crime needs diverse approaches

There are many challenges facing our society and having observed the crime scene for a knife based high profile murder last weekend it is understandable how the issue is appearing to impact communities across the UK. However in reality whilst … Continue reading

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Strengths and weaknesses of break away

As someone who stood as an Independent candidate in an election, I have mixed feelings about a group of politicians who until yesterday were members of one party, claiming to be Independent MPs and then forming a group that they … Continue reading

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An empty port and unbuilt Bridge

Over the last few days news has emerged regarding two very different Government sponsored projects which were each high profile, albeit for different reasons and which have now been curtailed, also for different reasons. Both led to the potential for … Continue reading

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Government reverses one use of the Parliamentary F word

It is understandable that many people find the use of the F word deeply offensive, inside and outside of Parliament. However its use inside Parliament leads to certain arrogant individuals and the Government, preventing good policy changes from taking place … Continue reading

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Parliament needs to become accountable and credible

Yesterday several thousand children chose not to go to School in order to campaign about the need for greater focus on climate change by our nation and in particular our Government. It is tragic that Andrea Leadsom ignored this specific … Continue reading

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Henry Smith, Crawley MP is clearly out of touch

As MPs from across the country enter into a range of discussions regarding the European Union it is inevitable that their lack of understanding will emerge in public. There are many MPs whose grasp of the EU demonstrates how unsuitable … Continue reading

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Hi Matt, was Thatcher a Hero or Villain over Orgreave?

When MPs or Ministers are asked questions they regularly demonstrate they believe they have the choice of avoiding the question if it is seen as potentially a trick question or answering it and being taken out and criticised in public. … Continue reading

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