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Environmentally friendly traffic cones

The decisions taken by police forces regarding their purchase of products such as weapons like tasers and guns and pepper spray are all subject to the Home Office agreeing to such items being used. However when it comes to less … Continue reading

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An inspiring 28 minutes

The focus by Politicians and Industry on vehicles that can be powered by electricity and eventually be self driven has sadly led to all sorts of ignorance being demonstrated in a manner that is bound to create disappointment and cynicism. … Continue reading

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A challenging if lovely landscape

Across the South East as we woke up this morning with scenes like this in front of us, many of us are faced with the challenge of travelling to work or making a good case for staying at home. News … Continue reading

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Government must work to their strengths

The public conflict that frequently emerges between parts of the Labour Party and parts of the Conservative Party regarding how public services and utilities should be owned and controlled, often appears to be a matter of ideology rather than a … Continue reading

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The straw that breaks the Brexiteers back

Watching Michael Gove speak on Channel 4 news about banning the use of plastic straws, he seems to completely undermine his own logic in his arguments over polluting our seas. His argument is that banning plastic straws is not possible … Continue reading

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Value for money needs to be understood

This weeks New Statesman magazine includes a piece called “The Problem with Outsourcing” which focuses on the collapse of Carillion and also the possible issues with Capita, Serco, Interserve and Kier, four other companies that specialise in outsourcing. It is … Continue reading

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How do we measure pomposity?

It is not difficult to find tweets or other statements that display how many of the so called leaders of our nation lack credibility if one was trying to call them statesmen or stateswomen. The previously posted offensive tweets that … Continue reading

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