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The Blair Government invested heavily in early years education and the Cameron Government began well by promising to retain childrens centres. That has become one more piece of this Governments hyperbole at best. The truth was that Blairs reforms did not go far enough and now the ground is being moved from under our childrens feet. No stone should be left unturned as we protect the future of our next generation.

Remove Tebbit from the Lords & remind Fraser about wider Church History

The daily promotions of the Telegraph newspaper on facebook rarely catch my eye, beyond the noisy nonsense from Boris Johnson. However in the last few days a couple of columns did and so I used my weekly free access to … Continue reading

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Is part of our society in a state of grief?

Some newspapers treat some of their columnists as jewels in the crown of their paper. Others are grateful to have people write pieces for them every week. A classic example of the jewel in the crown case is this chap … Continue reading

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A hollow sounding Industrial Strategy

On Tuesday two events took place in the House of Commons that displayed how incoherent the Government is over one of its high profile ‘solutions’ to the needs of businesses for trained individuals that the Government has claimed is needed. … Continue reading

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A short list of very limited priorities

In the light of the NATO summit which Trump and May have just attended it is perhaps understandable that they are going to extend the focus of that event on the Armed Forces by spending time visiting a secret place … Continue reading

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The Government plays slow and loose with primary education

The idea of spending a lot of time testing and measuring elements of a system when there are evidently fundamental flaws in the system as a whole is clearly an attempt to distract attention away from the flaws. This is … Continue reading

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Parliamentary training should work both ways

According to this page of the Parliamentary website, teachers and lecturers who are training and educating students in matters that relate to politics have a fantastic range of resources open to them. There is a outreach team of Parliamentary Educators … Continue reading

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Let’s redouble our efforts to care for all children

As Donald Trump through his UN ambassador withdraws the USA from the United Nation Human Rights Council claiming the agency is a “protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias” and images circulate around the world of … Continue reading

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