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We live in a society that everyone would feel safe in if it wasn’t for the muck dished up on a daily basis by ‘newspapers’ such as the Daily Mail, and some of the less thoughtful commentators (such as MPs). Its time we changed the culture in our society.

A busy Thursday ahead for Dex

Over many years in my previous occupation I had the privilege to meet and spend time with a range of senior and middle tier managers from the fire service, primarily in East Sussex as well as a small number in … Continue reading

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Are we at a tipping point?

The property inequality in the UK reminds me of the visit I made in the mid 1980’s to Monaco. As we observed the amazing boats in the harbour, many of which were empty at the time, the high rise towers … Continue reading

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Ministerial accountability

Its clear that when a Minister stands up in Parliament or indeed in any public setting and makes a statement, that people sit up and listen. If the same thing was said by an MP there may be some interest, … Continue reading

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How many Grenfell Towers are there?

The awful tragedy unfolding this morning in one of the nations richest neigborhoods of a high rise tower block called Grenfell Tower which as this picture shows is burning out of control is already being seen through the lens of … Continue reading

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Lets put children first for once

The recent news that the UK has dramatically fallen in the world rankings from 11th to 156th in an independent analysis of childrens rights is something that should act as a severe wake up call to whichever party or coalition … Continue reading

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Home Office must publish out of respect

Late last night and this morning some people involved in the use of social media have been proposing various courses of action following the attack by the three men on London Bridge and at Borough Market. It is far to … Continue reading

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A place of mental safety

The promises from the political parties are clear – as mud. Mental health provision matters, but sadly there is little evidence of a thought through set of proposals from either Labour or the Conservatives. Read either of the manifestos and search … Continue reading

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