Ignorance shared by Daily Mail & Nigel Farage!

FarageWhen I woke up this morning I spotted a Daily Mail headline for an article by Chris Pleasance which stated Nigel Farage vows return to front line politics to attack Theresa May’s ‘fraudulent’ Chequers plan” My initial reaction was a positive one as since 2014 when Nigel was last elected as an MEP for the South East of England which includes Sussex where I live but excludes London where according to twitter Chris Pleasance lives, his actions have been almost entirely outside of the European Parliament and whether he has been campaigning for us to leave the European Union which contains the Parliament he is supposed to be part of or campaigning for Donald Trump to persuade the British Tory Government to offer a job and Peerage to this ex leader of UKIP, or trying to create a broadcasting career the one place he has been almost entirely absent from is the EU Parliament. The public money he receive as an MEP has not been returned so he clearly is happy to be paid to be an MEP but his involvement in mainstream politics is non existent because he stays away from the Parliament so often.

The twitter biography for Chris Pleasance is “Senior foreign news reporter with Dailymail.co.uk. All views my own. Retweets not endorsements. I didn’t write the headline” So perhaps because Chris lives in London and is a foreign news reporter, he does not realise that Nigel is an absentee MEP whose role as an MEP if he chose to fulfil it would place him strongly in mainstream politics. Some of our other MEPs achieve this very well, people like Daniel Hannan, Catherine Bearder and Keith Taylor. However reading the article by Chris suggests that what he means by mainstream politics is a return to national campaigning which once again will remove Nigel from his constituency and his Parliamentary role for most of the time so in fact this is the opposite of mainstream Politics. Now to be fair Chris does say on his twitter account that he did not write the headline, but on the first lines of the article he states “Nigel Farage will return to front line politics to try and kill off Theresa May’s Brexit plans, he announced last night. The former Ukip leader is to travel around the country attacking the Chequers proposal which he describes as ‘fraudulent’.” So this suggests that not only does Chris Pleasance think that national campaigning is mainstream politics, but so does Nigel Farage!

The photograph which the Mail has included in the piece (as above) is of Nigel attending a session at the European Parliament back on 13th March so he does occasionally show up when the subject interests him. In this particular case the debate was  on the guidelines on the framework of future EU-UK relations. However it is clear that along with Chris Pleasance, Nigel Farage who is elected by literally 100’s of thousands of voters in the South East every five years, does not consider his current well paid role one of mainstream politics which is deeply concerning to people like me who he is supposed to represent!

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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