We need Ministers with experience

kirbyIts very telling that our needs as a nation as a whole are treated as insignificant by most Governments compared to the concerns of the well paid bankers and other power brokers in the city of London. This Government like most others before it selects the brief given to Government Ministers despite the lack of knowledge on the subject at hand rather than because of their background. The last time a Minister for Education came into the role with any real knowledge of the subject was when Estelle Morris was appointed under Tony Blair who I believe genuinely did want to give a strong focus on education, education, education, although the sound bite was probably also very appealing to him. The same is true of most other areas of Ministerial power. The reason why Admiral Alan West keeps on popping up onto our screens whenever the MOD is being challenged is that is one of the few Government Ministers in the last 20 years with any personal experience of the subject. However the City Minister whose brief is to watch over the work of the City of London and represent their concerns to the Government of the day is a complete exception to this principle of sending in people who have no idea what they are doing. As I wrote in my column in Mondays Argus, the news that Simon Kirby MP has been stripped of responsibility for protecting Financial Services during the Brexit came as it was also revealed that he was the first City Minister without either a background in financial services or a PhD in economics, although according to Wikipedia he has a degree in Mathematical modelling which should count for something, even in the city. This may explain help to explain why his behaviour and approach has been rejected by those in positions of power in London. It seems rather disappointing that when the city vents its frustration about the person working on their behalf, that change takes place and that they have been consistently represented by someone who knows their way around the workings of the city. If the same level of post appointment scrutiny was applied to people such as Liz Truss in the MOJ, Boris Johnson in the Foreign Office, Amber Rudd in the Home Office or Andrea Leadsom in Environment all four of them would be having responsibilities removed from their portfolio as Simon has had from his. The fact is that no one matters to the Government as much as the City, not judges let alone prisoners, nor foreign governments, not the police and certainly not the environment. We need a future Government made up of people who may not be experts, but come into roles with some level of background knowledge that ensures they have a certain amount of personal value to bring to the role.

However as some people claim it is never too late to teach an old person new tricks. Even though the trio I have mentioned came in with more ignorance than knowledge on their subjects, I have signed this petition to send Liz Truss to do some prison training in the hope it helps her to understand the work she is supposed to be focusing on when she makes policy statements.


About ianchisnall

I have a passion to see public policy made accessible everyone who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as in policies on health services and strategic planning.
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