One of my MEP’s is missing!

c5j95ucwgaautdfThe news that the President of The US invited one of my MEPs to dinner following his visit to the Whitehouse at the weekend was widely publicised by Mr Farage using this photo on social media and quickly picked up by national newspapers. Although this meant the the information did not come as a shock or surprise, nevertheless it does raise questions about how committed Mr Farage is to his role as my MEP. The way in which our representatives act is not based on a rigid set of criteria and nor should it be, but when one represents the South East of England at a Parliament which has premises in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg but not in Washington or Westminster it does raise questions about their behaviour. Within a day or two of the photo, My MEP was back in the UK being interviewed on national Radio from Westminster which is certainly much closer to the South East of England, but once again the focus was not on the constituency or the European Parliament but on matters that appear not to be of any relevance to Mr Farages role as MEP. He was speaking about the MP for Clacton Douglas Carswell and suggesting that the sooner his party dispensed with Mr Carswell’s services the better. He is not alone in his dislike of Douglas as another MEP was also interviewed, but from his constituency, not from central London. In the case of Nigel Farage the criticism was in stark contrast to comments made by Paul Nuttall on LBC on 6th January when he explained he had spoken to Nigel Farage about his criticism of Douglas Carswell and Diane James and he was confident that Nigel would not criticise either of them again in public. Clearly that phone call has slipped Nigels mind. On top of these flights of fancy, Mr Farage has a nightly radio show for LBC which is also something that is focused outside of his constituency as clearly LBC is a London radio station, albeit one with a big presence.

Would it be too much to ask Mr Farage to decide whether he is really commited to his £84,000 a year role as MEP and if not for someone else on the UKIP list to take over? The South East has not fared terribly well from our UKIP MEPs as we have seen both Janice Atkinson and then Diane James leave UKIP and so what was once a dominant group of 4 UKIP MEPs in the South East is now reduced to two and it appears that one of those is Missing In Action or Absent WithOut Leave. I don’t pretend to be a supporter of UKIP although I know two people who stood as UKIP candidates in the last General Election and I believe that they like every other political party and independent candidate should be held to account for their actions, irrespective of their political views. They are being paid from out taxes!


About ianchisnall

I have a passion to see public policy made accessible everyone who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as in policies on health services and strategic planning.
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