The value of our open borders

imagesThe idea as expressed by our Government that they want us to have access to the internal European market post Brexit is clearly a good one. The business I am a part of spends a great deal of time purchasing goods from a range of blue chip companies that bring vital goods into the UK from the European continent, either because they are made in Europe or else because their distribution is dealt with on a European basis. We as a business certainly want to see a retention of tariff free imports from the EU. However there appears to have been some form of bizarre idea that such access can be achieved without some approach towards open borders. I personally find that very disturbing, simply because a number of my friends who live and work here in the UK, were born and educated in Europe. I also know many people who were born in the UK but now live and work in Europe. This attempt by our Government to close our borders to Europe is shown to be clearly ridiculous in the light of early discussions with Australia and America to establish an economic trade agreement with them. Both are calling for freedom of movement for workers and their families. We need to push back against the naive rhetoric that suggests that movement of people is a bad thing. Many of us would not be here where it not for the movement of peoples. We should cherish this tradition, not allow others to denigrate it.


About ianchisnall

I have a passion to see public policy made accessible everyone who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as in policies on health services and strategic planning.
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