Why do we allow such lies to be told?

surreyFor many people the collapse of society comes as a result of deceit and dishonesty being allowed to be paraded under all of our noses in a blatant way at the highest level, and no one doing anything to stop it. It is the equivalent of the Emperor walking around with no clothes on and all of us being expected to pretend nothing unusual is happening. This is why for some the idea of a Donald Trump Presidency is so disturbing. No one is pretending that Hillary Clinton has been truthful all her political life, but the extent to which Trump has blatantly lied on his 12 month campaign trail marks him out as someone who few people could trust if he does finally win the keys to the Whitehouse. Over this side of the Atlantic there have been plenty of lies told by those at the highest levels in Government, in the Civil Service and even in the Royal Family. Every lie chips away at the trust that many of us have or wish to have in our institutions. That is why the EU referendum remains a sore in our public discourse, immense lies were told on both sides of the debate. Despite this background behaviour, there are some people who rise above or fall below their peers and act in a way that marks them out as being unworthy of being listened to, or that is how someone I know referred to it yesterday in the case of this particular individual.

Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt is MP for South West Surrey, a seat he has held since 2005. Since the seat was created in 1983 it has been a safe Tory seat and it seems inconceivable that even someone who tells public lies will be deselected in South West Surrey, providing they retain the Conservative whip. However one can only hope that the Party have some pride in their decision making. In 2010 he was appointed by David Cameron as Culture Secretary and in 2012 was asked to take over the poisoned chalice at Health after Andrew Lansley had done so much to damage the reputation of the Government. However rather than being a safe pair of hands, Jeremy appears to be determined to crash the Health Service into the biggest brick wall he can find at the highest speed possible.

In the High Court last week Mr Hunt or at least his representatives explained that far from imposing a new contract on Junior Doctors, that in fact he was merely recommending one. As the legal representative for the Doctors who brought the case explained on Wednesday it was established in front of a judge and under oath “The key message from the judgment is this: Mr Hunt is not imposing a contract on junior doctors, he never was, he did not suggest he was, he says he never thought anyone else thought otherwise.” So it was a misunderstanding, not a lie then? Watch this video and see if that is true.

The people who have been lied to are the people who represent you and I in Parliament, the place where dishonesty is supposedly unwelcome. Or did he lie in the High Court? We cannot be sure, but what we do know is that this is the face of a liar. A man paid a great deal of money to represent us as Health Secretary who is prepared to blatantly lie either in the Highest Court in the land or in the Mother of Parliaments, the House of Commons. Yet to remove him from his post depends on the actions of the Prime Minister or the Constituency Party of South West Surrey. The rest of us can only hope that one or the other ultimately see sense. Sadly this does not seem very likely.


About ianchisnall

I have a passion to see public policy made accessible everyone who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as in policies on health services and strategic planning.
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