The need for order

order-chaosThe news that Theresa May has demanded that Rona Fairhead apply for the role of Chairman of the new governing body of the BBC after David Cameron had already selected her for the post and announced her appointment raises all sorts of questions about the behaviour of a Government that is barely 16 months old. We elected a new Government on 7th May 2015 and the Conservative Party, then led by David Cameron won with a 6 seat overall majority. The idea that we should see a change at the top of the party without any form of mandate, even within the Parliamentary Party for the new Prime Minister is hard to understand in a context where the Labour Party leadership is being determined by some half a Million people. However despite this no one in the party seems to mind and as the rest of us would not get any say in any case, the only possible concern we could have is that the party is now proposing policies which were not even possibilities just over a year ago such as the return of deeply damaging Grammar Schools. In the context of these matters, the decision as to whether the new BBC governing body is to be chaired by Rona Fairhead or someone else selected through an open process is not really the most important issue at present. There is a war being fought (or peace being sustained) in Syria which involves our Air Force and our bombs are being used in Yemen to kill innocent people. If Theresa May wants to really show her mettle, suspending sales of weapons to Saudia Arabia would be a great deal more effective and useful than changing the terms of recruitment for someone who had already been appointed to a new position in the BBC. The real question for me is what is next in this new phase of a Government that appears to be making U turns its raison d’etre. I was personally not a big fan of Ms Fairhead, but she clearly did bring value to the BBC. The broadcaster is one I have a great deal of affinity for as I once worked there during a Summer vacation and it was the potential for a career with the broadcaster that drove me to study electronic engineering. However it seems much more important that the right person for the job is now selected through an open process that avoids the appointment of someone close to any of our political parties. It is also vital that if Theresa May has any other surprises up her sleeve, that she announces them sooner rather than later. The idea that she will unpick all of the decisions taken by her predecessor in a Autumn of U turns could lead to as many problems as solutions.


About ianchisnall

I have a passion to see public policy made accessible everyone who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as in policies on health services and strategic planning.
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