A failure to understand?

Theresa May and the other leaders of the G20 are in for a ‘treat’. Not only has the Industrial activity which usually takes place in Hangzhou been switched off for their visit which means that the accompanying pollution is being curtailed, but a third of the population has been transported from their homes so that the visiting dignitaries can see this important Chinese city in a way that no one else would want or be able to see. One of the documents that Mrs May has taken with her is the latest briefing paper from the IMF, written by Christine Lagarde. The headline items are to encourage this powerful group of national leaders to focus on “forceful action”to get out of a low-growth rut that is feeding popular anxieties about globalisation. It also calls for the G20 governments to do more to make the positive case for globalisation and fight an increase in protectionism which is contributing to historically low growth in international trade. However behind that is the argument that people on low incomes are not experiencing any of the growth that is taking place across the world. The briefing explains that the growth has “bypassed many low-income earners” and “raised anxiety about globalisation and worsened the political climate for reform”

If Theresa and Christine are unable to spot the irony of the way that the Chinese are treating their low income earning citizens in the light of this paper, then perhaps we should not expect any change here either. I have not read the paper, but let us hope in the interests of social cohesion, that the paper has pointed out that the growth is benefiting high income earners, those who are in a position to refuse to move from their homes or palaces when the Government comes knocking, those who can afford to take time off without missing a few days pay. If we are to see a more equitable sharing of growth, it will need to be taken from the rich and given to the poor. How will this be achieved? How will the UK Government achieve that redistribution? Mrs May may not have the power that the Chinese can exert, but she can do far more than she is currently doing to ensure we all experience the benefits of the growth that the UK does experience. She did after all promise “under my leadership, the Conservative Party will put itself – completely, absolutely, unequivocally – at the service of ordinary, working people. It is why we will make Britain a country that works for everyone”

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I have a passion to see public policy made accessible everyone who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as in policies on health services and strategic planning.
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