A Democratic Dictatorship?

Morgan and OsborneLast week the Government announced their refusal to debate holding a public enquiry or referendum into their plans to force all Schools to become Academies, despite the fact that nearly 200,000 people petitioned them to do so. As one of the signatories to the petition I was sent an email from the Government committee that examines such petitions. They wrote “The Committee decided not to schedule a debate on this petition because the House of Commons debated the Education White Paper, which includes the Government’s policy on academies, on Wednesday 13th April. The subject for the debate was chosen by the Official Opposition (Labour)”. This reveals a Government, or even a Parliament that is showing high levels of detachment from the rest of society. Something which one might expect if the Government had been in power for more than 10 years, rather than in their sixth year, and if the Parliament was not dependent on people like me for their election. The policy was not included in the Conservative manifesto of May 2015, has never been part of a Green Paper, something that usually helps shape subsequent White Papers and which would have allowed the idea to be consulted on, is opposed by Parents, Schools, Local Government, Opposition MPs and even many Conservative backbenchers alike, yet it is being treated as a done deal by the Government. On several occasions both Nicky Morgan and David Cameron have declared they will not be dissuaded from their intention to make this law, a decision that was first announced by George Osborne. It is clear the Government will not get the Education Bill passed into Law unless they make concessions and perhaps in the end we will have nothing to worry about, except that as voters, our petition calling for the Government to act is being ignored. The Government and its MPs have been critical of single issue lobby groups, have silenced charities and are ignoring voters on this as for other subjects. Perhaps the recent discussions with the Chinese Government have persuaded Osborne, Cameron and Morgan to reflect that the Chines constitution describes their Government as a Democratic Dictatorship. Perhaps these members of the Conservative Party would like us to live under a similar type of Government?

It is fascinating that so many members of the Conservative Government have taken deep offence that the President of the USA has set out a case for all of us to vote to remain in the EU. Twitter has been red hot with the anger that as President of the USA with no involvement in this process, he has tried to tell us what to do. The parallel with a Education Secretary and Prime Minister forcing Schools and local authorities to act in a particular way, even though they have no political mandate to do so seems very clear to me. If these Euro sceptics are unhappy with the Obama intervention, they should be incandescent with Nick Morgan and her clique, and have a way to demonstrate their rejection of her imposition.


About ianchisnall

I have a passion to see public policy made accessible everyone who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as in policies on health services and strategic planning.
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