Lets end the pretence

gravy trainThe uncivil war in the Conservative Party is not about one man and his decision to resign, but rather about the extent to which loyalty to a political party has broken ranks with the need to be open and honest with voters and the media. what is emerging is looking rancid and ugly but this is simply a reflection of how long the dishonesty and deceit has been dominant, there is far more to come. The problem is not exclusive to the Tories who were already struggling over the chasm between the majority Brexit supporters and the minority remain leadership, both believing that their position will be a vote winner. For the Lib Dems David Laws on the Marr show opened a can of worms in his claims that Simon Stevens was forced to recalculate the sum needed to bring the NHS back to a balanced budget position prior to the 2015 election. If that is true why did the Lib Dems not disclose the truth as we turned out to vote for the new Government? The disconnect between what is good for the Labour Party and what is good for the nation is exemplified in the tension between some of the statements by Jeremy Corbyn and the actions of the party to bring his views in line with their policies.

It is widely recognised that most voters are unhappy with spin, dishonesty and the focus on party vs nation. Yet the power that resides in the party structures will not give in without a vicious fight that will lead to large volumes of blood being spilt. The weekend spat between Iain Duncan Smith and the party is an early skirmish rather than the war itself. There is the corruption of MPs as a group, making the rules up about how they are remunerated, the way in which the parties have stuffed the Lords with their chums and the failure of law makers to listen to the wisdom from those around them. Also the idea that the MPs decide how many of them there should be and where the electoral boundaries should lie, with currently over 50% of safe seats. What is needed is for all of the parties to come clean and for us to begin to look for a new way of doing politics. I for one believe we need a totally different approach that ensures that the voices of people silenced over many years by the party structures are at last freed to be heard, along with the many more people who have never been inspired to join a political party. We will know we are hitting the mark when more people choose to vote and respond to the opportunity to shape the laws made in whatever the replacement for the Palace of Westminster looks like.


About ianchisnall

I have a passion to see public policy made accessible everyone who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as in policies on health services and strategic planning.
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