Please can we have a plan

images (201)Dear David, So it is the morning after the night before, you chose not to apologise for making comments that many of us judge to have been a complete lack of statesmanship. However despite that you have persuaded a large majority of MPs in the House of Commons to back your call to arms and begin bombing missions in yet another nation. You must be very pleased, particularly knowing that our aircraft have already begun their deadly work. I do hope that your colleagues went home for a stiff whisky, not to the bars for a large number of glasses of champagne. This is not a decision to celebrate. For my own part I am deeply grateful that even if I was living next door to a terrorist, or worse still if one insisted in living in my house to hide behind my front door, that the solution in my street would not involve arial bombardment. However this is not about my street, according to the snippets I heard, this is partly about responding to a French request, just like Iraq was partly about responding to American requests. It seems odd that when the French requested large sums of money to be spent dropping bombs from our British aircraft in another land that, that we respond to their request, despite many of us opposing the action, while their calls for us to help relieve the suffering and pressure in Calais we see it as an affront to our sovereignty. Terror and Terrorism is wrong and there are evil men and women in the world determined to control and destroy their fellow human beings, sadly some of those people have spent the night with you in Chequers and you have visited them in their homes. If last nights decision reduces Terror and Terrorism overall, then it may be a harsh and destructive way to do a good thing. If last nights decision encourages the growth of Terrorism as many conflicts before it have such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, then you and our other law makers have once again failed us completely and utterly. However the point of my blog is to remind you that you are a man with a plan, never a plan that I felt worked very well, but nevertheless it is or was a plan. We know that these attacks in Syria may well continue long after you have left the Commons. All I ask is that you provide us and your successor with a plan, one that explains how you hope the war will play out, and what our liabilities and provision will be for the peace if that can ever be achieved. It is clear from the speeches yesterday that there is no plan, we now need that to change.


About ianchisnall

I have a passion to see public policy made accessible everyone who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as in policies on health services and strategic planning.
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